"if only everyone fell as hard for themselves the way they fell in love with the person who completely broke their heart...the world would be a much better place."




Hi loves! My name is Miku and I'm the face behind the "M," the Love Coach behind the Love Notes. My passion and purpose is to help you find the love you've always deserved!

Daily Love Note
Dating Question?
Q: How do I approach women?

A: Don't overthink it. Clever lines work SOMETIMES, but simply introducing yourself, confidently (KEY) and approaching her as a human instead of a "woman" should calm those nerves. As long as you introduce yourself like a man who knows who he is and what he is saying, your "approach" is solid; the rest is just up to personal preference. Compliments are always a good conversation starter- remember to keep these light and non-sexual (brownie points for humor & creativity). This goes for my ladies approaching men too!  


“Your advice and conversation have been the best gifts I've received this year, aside from my sweetie.” 

formerly single to happily coupled

- Robert, Food & Beverage Director, Los Angeles  


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